Spring 2017

Recent Changes

We are very excited to share our upcoming Kidding Season with you and your family!  Expecting baby goats and sheep mid March.


We now have three new calves- Joey (3 months), Cody (2 weeks) and Valentine (1 week).  Our 4 Jersey cows are producing excellent milk for cheese classes!  Take time to come up and learn to make cheese with us
The farm has added 4 new free standing stalls to be put up in the indoor.  We are looking for 4 boarders who would like to board their horses in the  indoor arena’s inside stalls from November through April. New footing for the riding area was added this summer.  Would be a great option for those riders who would like to ride all year round!



Flint Hill Farm AG has expanded its farm boarders to partner with Compassion International and World Vision.  We have committed to sponsor 3 teens outside the US.  Funding will be provided from payment for Farm Stays.  We have been blessed by hosting families from Israel, Singapore, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Canada, India, and China to name a few countries.  This is our way to say ” thank you” and reach back.  Please visit our webpage and follow our new friends!
Fall  Events
 BABY CALFSpring  Events
Welcome Spring OPEN HOUSE April 29 & 30 10AM-4PM  visit www.flinthillfarm.org for details
On Farm Bread Baking classes: visit Educational Center Activities Page  cheesemaking-5
Teachers- Sign up for Spring School tours for Flint Hill Farm Educational Center
 Tell your favorite teachers to call and set up for the Fall tours.  We have added 3 new hands on options to the Farm Educational program.
Farmers Markets Start again in May . Check website for time&date: order ahead and we will make sure that we bring you our farm fresh best.  Go online www.flinthillfarm.org and visit the online store
 Lower Saucon Market every Sundat with Rebecca   thumb_gift_basket
Bethlehem Rose Garden Market every Saturday with John
Farmstay visitors have a new comfort item in your rooms.  We have added individual electric fireplaces in each of our guest rooms to allow each guest to set the desired temperature for their own room.  Great to have on these chilly nights!!!!
Planning for JUNE- Please check the calendar for the date!  Planning to open up the farm for a HOEDOWN with Chef Michael Brack, Executive Chef Lehigh Valley Health Network/ Sodexo Corporation.  Seating will be limited to 90 guests.  Come have a great meal with great friends and enjoy GREAT music!!!!
Join Our Cause- Volunteer !  Call office 610-838-2928
We’re just like you. We’re teachers, business executives, parents, retirees, students…you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to change. And the more volunteers we have, the bigger impact we can all make. Together. Visit our website www.flinthillfarm.org for a full picture programs offered .
Needed: teachers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, teens 14 and older to help weekends with stalls and farm work.  Needed computer knowledgable individuals, someone to help with the news letter, photographers, artists, Need voluteers to help with the farm store during the week.  Thank you in advance!
Fundraising Update for 2017

Springis coming!  Hay and grain bills are due and bedding costs are again challenging.  Pleaser remember the animals at this time!   Remember we are a 501c3 and your donations are tax deductable. www.flinthillfarm.org

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